We need to support our law officers

Black Lives Matter. I refer to the editorial “cartoon” (June 4, 2020) which, in this case isn’t a cartoon because it isn’t funny, but it gave me pause. Listed are all the black lives, I’m assuming, that have been taken at the hands of law enforcement. I believe you should also list all those in law enforcement — of any color — whose lives have been taken at the hands of black people. The numbers are staggering.

I also have a question. Do only certain Black Lives Matter or do all Black Lives Matter? If all blacks lives matter, what about the black babies that are aborted every day in NYC? Don’t their lives matter? There are more black babies aborted than are born. Don’t forget that Planned Parenthood remained open during the lockdown because it’s essential. Really? Any protests? Does anyone care? It appears Margaret Sanger’s real goal in founding Planned Parenthood is working.

I think it’s ridiculous that saying all lives matter is somehow offensive. It’s true. You can’t pick and choose. It’s like the “Baby on Board” sign. Are you less likely to hit a car with one of those signs than any other car? Of course not. All drivers matter and you don’t want to hit anyone’s car. All lives have meaning and importance. What happened to George Floyd was tragic. There has been more than enough time for protests. There is no excuse for rioting. Those responsible are being held accountable. Let’s move forward. Let’s support all the courageous men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect us.


Fort Plain


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