Responding to Napolitano’s editorial

it’s clear the judge does not grasp the meaning of freedom. Apparently, he was not a traffic court judge. I say this because if you have the right to choose, try choosing not to wear a seatbelt, or a helmet on a motorcycle. These should be “freedoms,” but you will get a ticket. Taking away your freedom, so to speak. Exactly what constitutional right are you losing wearing a masks? Isn’t being forced to wear pants violate my constitution rights?

We’re not talking about your rights, but mine. The mask will protect you, but it’s actually meant to protect those near you. Apparently, the judge thinks it’s all about him. Not exactly a good neighbor. You have the right to play your music, but not at any sound level you wish. You, see, judge, your rights end where they interfere with my rights. You have the freedom of speech, but not the freedom to yell “fire” in a crowed movie theater, if there’s not a fire. My right to live, exceeds your “right” to not wear a mask.

You say the governors have to enforce the laws, not write them. How are these governors taking away your “rights” if it isn’t written into the law?

The judge also mentioned how the COVID-19 virus doesn’t have the death rate of other diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, COPD. Not one of these can I catch from the person sitting next to me. In fact, most of the people get them from bad choices in life, like smoking. I can catch the virus from sitting next to people and die from it through no fault of my own. As far as car accidents go, the judge is way off on his deaths. According to the NHTSA 37,461 people died in car accidents in 2018. A far cry from 200,000 — annualized — a year from the COVID virus.

Apparently the judge thinks 1,000,000 deaths is not too many, just so he doesn’t have to wear a mask? Is it so big a sacrifice to make? Does he not care if the person next to him dies, just so he can have his “freedom?” What about that person’s life? Does he not have the freedom to live? As the constitution says, “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”“. It’s called common courtesy.

John H. Swartz

St. Johnsville


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