Republican leadership: An oxymoron

We all know them: jumbo shrimp, military music…. Words with opposite meanings used together, usually amusing. Here’s a new one, not so amusing — Republican leadership.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, leadership characteristics include integrity, humility, empathy, accountability. Not included are bullying, cowardice, bigotry, subservience, sycophancy.

How do the Republicans stack up?

There’s Trump in his bunker calling out the military to deal with protesters armed with signs and the truth. He has reason to fear the protesters because fascist rulers always fear the truth.

McConnell pushes through Congress the largest group of bigoted, corporate-friendly judges in history. All so that any legislation favoring American citizens will be delayed or struck down in the courts.

Graham — now blonde like Trump — uses the Judiciary Committee as a cudgel to investigate Trump’s critics.

Stefanik, with visions of grandeur, praises Trump religiously to inflate her importance while abandoning her constituents. Her interest is self interest.

I say again: Republican leadership — an oxymoron.

To save our democracy, these bullies, cowards, bigots, servile sycophants should be voted out and replaced with real leadership that represents the people. Vote Democratic top to bottom.




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