Ashamed to be an American

The photo taken at Promitory Point in the 1800s, where the two steam locomotives are nose to nose. That photo was set up by the federal government. There are no Asian Americans there in that photo. The Asian Americans did most of the labor on that rail line and they were purposely left out.

After Pearl Harbor (Dec. 7, 1941), Japanese Americans were put in jail for being Japanese. That, our federal government the African Americans, still to this day, are being murdered on the streets of America by white racist or uneducated police officers while the world watches.

The federal government, in our country, is no different than the Chinese Communist Party or the Russians with Putin. Our propaganda is just better, but we are losing.

People used to look up to the U.S.A. Now they look down and I don’t blame them.

Its time we Americans need to embrace the world as one earth. I don’t care if they’re Chinese, Japanese, Africans or Martians.




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