Wake up America, we are at war

Yes there is a war being waged in our country right now. COVID-19 has become the last straw, setting those who want more government “safety” and those who want to be “free and brave” against each other. It makes no difference which side you go with, there will be casualties on both sides.

This war has been unprecedented in our country. Never before have our civil liberties and constitutional rights been infringed upon by government to the degree they are currently. The quarantines that were instituted to slow the spread of the virus so as not to overwhelm our health care system have now become lockdowns awaiting testing, vaccines and cures which may take years, if ever and undoubtedly this virus will continue until enough immunity is built against it.

On one side you have the people who feel vulnerable and are worried about dying from this virus. They are putting their trust and lives in government — not that government has ever proved reliable in caring for the average person — and counting on government to guide them safely through this pandemic. The majority of the country has done what they were told to curtail the spread of the virus, and some want to continue to be “kept safe” by listening to the experts and staying home regardless of the emotional and economic consequences of that decision. Maybe this will save lives and maybe it won’t. There have been so many false models and variables in the decisions made by the government and we are seeing information change regarding the virus on a daily basis. If, as some think, this pandemic has been blown way out of proportion from what they predicted and what has happened then the casualties (deaths) are not much worse than other viruses and causes of death in America.

On the other side are the people, who have done their part and are now very concerned that the casualties — deaths from suicides, lack of medical attention, domestic violence — compounded with loss of jobs, savings, businesses and the real possibility that none of the protective measures really changed any outcome are now proving to be worse than the virus itself. These individuals are now extremely concerned with more than loss of life, but loss of liberty. They don’t want “New Normal”, contact tracking, mandatory testing, possibly mandatory vaccination, and continued intrusion from government under the guise of “keeping safe”.

Unfortunately, just like during the Civil War when some people didn’t feel it was “their war” and wanted to remain neutral, it very seldom ended up that they could. So, I guess you have to make up your own mind, but I choose my freedom, because there is no real life without risk.




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