Vote for healing and coming together — Vote for Tedra Cobb

Southern/midwestern Republicans say there should be no help for blue states coping with a virus that should have been dealt with at the federal level. Let non-Republican states go bankrupt, they say. This is the ultimate “let them eat cake” comment. What happens during the next hurricane/tornado/flood? Do “blue states” say “let them go bankrupt”? Not only have blue states never said that, but people in blue states send extra money and help over and above the tax dollars they already contribute to the federal government. That’s how the federal government is supposed to work — everyone helping everyone — the United States.

Here’s an example of the real meaning of blue state bailout: New York contributes $116 billion more to the federal government that it receives. Kentucky receives $148 billion more from the federal government than it contributes. That’s what a blue state bailout is, and that’s been going on for years and years. That means New York and other “blue states” pay for red state infrastructure, health care, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps…… That’s ok because we are all in this together — United States.

Why isn’t Elise Stefanik objecting to this partisan political rhetoric? New York is her state. It has been hit hard by this virus, and needs help from the federal government. Without this help her constituents will suffer painful state budget cuts affecting their infrastructure, health care, children’s education, and other state funded programs. Instead we have silence from a Republican instead of objection from a New Yorker. Tedra Cobb is a New Yorker. She knows her constituents and what they need.

Republicans are working hard to divide this country. They want people attacking each other. We are in trouble and need to be the United States again. Vote for healing and coming together. Vote out division. Vote for Tedra Cobb.




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