To sit back and allow virus to invade Hamilton Co. is crazy

Dear sweet Jesus in Heaven,

I pray to you to let you know we are governed by crazies in Hamilton County, from Gov. Cuomo to mayor to law enforcement to health department leaders to elected officials, teachers and primary care physicians.

To just sit back and allow the virus to invade Hamilton County, in my opinion, is crazy. I told law enforcement and the mayor in Lake Pleasant what would happen if we didn’t block summer people from coming to Hamilton County. We are already overrun with people from New York City and New Jersey.

I understand they sent people with the virus to nursing homes from hospitals. In my opinion, that is crazy. I am very upset over our leaders allowing this because my wife, Melva, is in a nursing home. I feel they will cause her death.

Why don’t our elected officials demonstrate at the governor’s speeches or at least call him? I did.




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