Please do not vote for anyone who supports Trump’s ignorance

Gadzooks! First, in spite of evidence to the contrary, melting polar icecaps, warming oceans, etc., Trump denies global warming. Then, with COVID-19 victims being kept in refrigerated trucks in New York City and New Jersey because the morgues are overwhelmed, he denies that we have a problem. And recently, finally admitting that we do have a problem, he suggests that we take disinfectant internally to combat it. Do not do this. This idea is whing-whang crazy. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. And now, he has suggested that the people who took guns to a demonstration at their state capital are “good people.” Guns incite violence. “Good people” do not incite violence. I am a Republican, but I say, do not use disinfectant internally, and do not vote for Trump. If the Geico Gecko were running against him, I would vote for the Gecko. The Gecko makes sense, is able to complete his sentences, and is also a heck of a lot cuter.

Also, please do not vote for anyone who supports Trump in his ignorance; ignorance about global warming, the covid virus, water and air pollution, international relations, health care justice, etc. Elise Stefanik supports him. Do not vote for Trump, and do not vote for Elise.




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