People self-righteousness by not complying until virus controlled

It is a sad day for this country and the innocent people who have died and those who cared for them while being afflicted with the COVID-19 virus.

People are showing their true colors of self-righteousness when they refuse to comply with CDC guidelines and the request of the government to stay home until the virus is under control.

Recently you had a person write a letter calling for civil disobedience; and you show articles of where people are protesting state lockdowns. All of which show that truly the vast majority of people do not care about their neighbor or even their own family members, just the almighty dollar.

My heart goes out to all the medical personnel and those who have worked on the front lines of this virus.

Maybe we as a nation should break up into little countries with their own ideas, this is something I forsee in the future.

If there is a God, may he/she have mercy on the souls of these people.




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