‘Mowitis’ kills all the wild flowers but brings pollinators

Lately I look out my kitchen window to the south. There is a tall “weed” — plant out there. I found it a couple of years ago. It has beautiful yellow flowers up and down the stem.

Yesterday, Mr. and Mrs. wild canary, known as gold finches, were all up and down the stem having a seed breakfast.

I moved in here from Saratoga Springs. Of course, the people who were here had a big case of “mowitis.” Beautiful peonies all mowed off. Can you believe it?

Peonies are one of the few large flowers that are fragrant. Most large flowers have no fragrance.

It took a while, but they all had to be dug. The bud has to be close to the ground or they won’t bloom. “Mowitis” really kills them. Mowitis kills all the wild flowers.

My mother told me some peonies were brought over by the colonists.

I had fireflies out back when I came here in 2010. Now they are gone. “Mowitis” gets a lot of nice wildflower pollinators.

Thank you for reading this.




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