Main-stream media is trying to ruin Donald Trump

An alarming number of Americans have come to consider the main-stream media’s dog and pony show to be a real show-stopper. I refer — obliquely — to the media’s scheme to destroy the president of the United States. Their strategy is 3-pronged: Discredit, mislead, ridicule.

Discredit. Example: The media — and their creatures, the Dems — belittle Trump’s efforts to contain and treat the COVID-19 outbreak, while simultaneously placing all the laurels solely on the heads of the fine men and women Trump assembled to advise him on how best to handle the emergency. [Not so in the case of the great Democrat president FDR. Historians justifiably recognize him as the “man in charge” of our recovery from the Great Depression, although he had enormous help from his advisers and even then his accomplishment was somewhat limited.]

Mislead. Example: The mass-media assigns to Trump, part or all of the blame for undesirable and unpleasant phenomena, such as the death rate for COVID-19. To paraphrase one “correspondent” who asked rhetorically, “How many people must die [from COVID-19] to satisfy the president.” What! Now Trump is responsible for an act of God?

Ridicule. Example: One seemingly intelligent observer referred to Trump as the “Marmalade Mussolini.” It is an amusing, but inaccurate description. Trump has no more in common with Il Duce than he does with AOC. As for Trump’s hair color (blonde) and his use of a bronzing lamp: Who gives a damn!

The main-stream media’s slick campaign to assassinate Trump’s character and foul his excellent legacy-to-date [with more accomplishments yet to come] is worthy of Joseph Goebbels’ cunningness propaganda efforts to mislead the German people. For God’s sake, if not your own, compare Trump’s record to the atrocious spin-off that passes for Obama’s “legacy.”

Wake up, America: The main-stream media are leading far too many of you, a great number of which are well-educated, down a slippery path to political oblivion. Fortunately, and regardless of the sly smear campaign, the outcome will remain the same — a second term for the President.

A reminder to the powers-that-be at the helm of the main-stream media: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” A. Lincoln

Where we go one, we go all.




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