Let the politicians live on half pay and see what they say

I have a suggestion I would like you to share with any and all city, county and state representatives that you can contact. It would seem that all mayors, county managers and governors have a problem balancing a budget.

May suggestion is, don’t ask the federal government for financial aid — they are in the same boat. Check with the payroll department that handles your specific area, and any city, county or state employee that has a salary or yearly earning of six figures or more, cut it in half for six months. When they complain they can’t make it on 50G’s, remind them of all the people that are living every day on a lot less than that.

One of the big problems with a large percentage of lawmakers is that they seem to think they are above the laws they pass for the rest of us. The concept of fairness, honesty and equity for all has been lost.

Our government has a lot of problems to work out. Some of our officials have made some bad choices that if not corrected, will lead this country into another Civil War. Yo don’t need a college education to figure out what I am talking about, they are on the news almost every day.




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