King Andrew needs to go away

Honorable King Andrew, it is time to start opening up upstate New York fully. Though we do have some infections, it is nowhere as widespread as in NYC. Keep those people there and allow the rest of the state to re-open. I would also like to point out that you have overstepped your bounds and unilaterally mandate certain things like wearing a mask, closing golf courses (I don’t even play golf) …what is wrong with getting people outside getting exercise, blowing off some of this steam.

Sure is easy to be you….sitting at a table with all your cronies, driven here and there by your trusty New York State Police protection group, back at the old mansion with your full staff cooking meals, turning your bed down, leaving a mint on your pillow, washing your back as you shower (and God knows what else). By the way, who cuts your hair…it looked really nice and I need a haircut also.

You have single-handedly ruined the Empire State. You’re the most arrogant, obnoxious person I have ever seen. Please do us a favor and resign. In speaking with people in my area they all have the same opinion of you.

Now, I know your staff will just delete this, so guess I wasted my time. Please go.


Fort Plain


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