Shameful that district can’t help health workers in time of need

On March 18, Governor Cuomo issued an executive order that mandates school districts develop plans to provide child care for families whose parents and guardians are first responders, health-care workers, or other essential personnel.

The March 21, response from the Broadalbin-Perth School District was to issue a list of daycare centers that can be used (at the cost of the first responders, healthcare workers, or other essential personnel) to care for their children during this stressful time.

Apparently, there have been no layoffs in the Broadalbin-Perth School District, therefore everyone working or not still receives full pay and benefits. This would include the superintendent who receives approximately $13,000 a month in salary.

A great number of taxpayers in the school district find themselves out of work and eagerly waiting a $1,200 check from the government to “fill the financial gap.” Meanwhile, our heroes on the medical front lines risk personal health and safety to protect and serve the general public.

It is shameful that our very well-funded school district can’t support our health professionals in their time of need.




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