Choice between stopping virus or protecting economy

President Trump touched more moral hazard when he warned about the “curve that kills” — our sheltering in place — which is stifling the economy, causing massive layoffs.

By ending social distancing, he implies the economy would return to normal “by Easter.” However, this could also ignite the spreading of the highly contagious COVID-19 and might kill off many of the most vulnerable — the elderly.

Well, from a conservative viewpoint, pruning the elderly could save much on Social Security and Medicare expensess.

Yet a good cause could be made that hiding from the killer virus does not cure it. So far, the best immunity is seen in contracting it and surviving it — the survival of the fittest theory.

Unfortunately, a voter referendum is impractical to see if the public favors saving physical health or economic health. So we have to rely on polls to see what the public thinks.

Meanwhile we will have to continue to wash our hands.




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