Vote for Tedra Cobb and for the Democratic nominee

I am writing in response to S. Peter Feldstein’s letter to the editor that appeared in the Feb. 24 edition of The Leader-Herald.

It was right on target with what is going on in this country. The rule of law is now gone with the Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney General, William Barr. Barr does not work for the people of The United States. He works for one person — President Donald J. Trump. He could care less about the rule of law. Justice cannot be served until Trump gets voted out in November and Barr replaced.

I left the Republican Party last year after 30 years in the party. Any Republican worth his or her salt would have voted to remove Trump as president, but instead followed him like sheep. This president is a total disgrace, in my opinion. He has brought shame to this country and foreign leaders are laughing at him.

Elise Stefanik is his enabler and she proved that during the House investigation.

I am hoping that Fulton County voters can start thinking outside the box and vote for Democrats running on the national ticket in 2020. I believe Trump will tank the economy if he gets another four years. Bankruptcy is something He has done, and will be more than willing, to send our country into a major recession or even depression. This is not a Republican or Democratic thing. It is keeping this country free and our Constitution intact.

Please vote for Tedra Cobb, who will be opposing Stefanik. Also vote for the Democratic nominee whoever wins the primary.

Thank you.




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