Town of Johnstown: 2019 year in review vol. IV

Any good business owner would treat people equally, communicate, and aid and listen to their employees or give good direction in order to promote a positive environment or complete tasks that are highly important to the employer or the employee. That does not happen within the town and mostly at the board level. If you have paid attention to the past four years, you have learned that there is no task list which equals a stagnant future. 2019 year in review Vol. III, clearly showed that spending and putting the town in debt is the proposed plan which is also a form of mismanagement, of which I did not approve.

For the past four years, select council have not been able to place their discussions upon the monthly agenda and highly important items that effect the community or raise concern with council are deliberately left of the agenda, but raised at low public attendance or reduced council. This is a complete violation of the New York Open Meetings Law. This violation is sponsored by our sitting supervisor and assistant supervisor who have continually violated the true meaning of representation with elected officials and deliberately conceal information, which also supports why the archived e-mails are possibly scratched and the supervisor took full control of the IT Server and gave unauthorized access to the county. Yes, our supervisor is now the IT Tech Commander!

Taking a leap over to the last topic, add in the free insurance that was against policy and ones who deliberately took free health and/or dental insurance while others contributed to the plan according to the policy by paying their percentages. A financial officer (who is also the town supervisor) in any company, would stick to the financial policies or they are held accountable. Employees are removed when continual errors are identified for lack of performance, attendance, insubordination, theft, etc. This also supports why there is a lack in record keeping when it comes to a plan, group polices, daily reports, unified payroll, time clocks, etc. (reflection NYS Comptroller 2013 Payroll Audit).

If the town is to survive and be financially stable, there needs to be new management, better record keeping, task management, daily reports, group meetings, accountability, and non-biased elected officials. This is no different than any good business you have worked for.

This is the last of the articles for the 2019 year in review.





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