Republican goals are to eliminate needed programs

The goals are to gut/eliminate current social safety net programs.

Gut/eliminate Social Security (planned after 2020 election).

Gut/eliminate Medicare (included in 2021 budget).

Gut/eliminate Medicaid (new regulations planned).

Gut/eliminate food stamp program (already being done).

Gut/eliminate Obamacare (being fought in courts).

Do you depend upon these programs? The Republicans are coming after them. Pay attention to their actions, not their words.

Elise Stefanik is a loyal Republican. She has shown by her actions in the House of Representatives to be aligned with Republican goals.

Tedra Cobb knows how much these social safety net programs mean to those who depend upon them. Tedra Cobb will not desert her constituents because she is sympathetic toward them and their needs. Cobb is on the side of the people of District 21. She has fought for them in the past, and she will fight for them in the future.




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