Keep using fossil fuels and let God worry about climate change

I beg to differ with the writer of the letter to the editor on “global warming” in the Feb. 15, Leader-Herald. She correctly sites numerous examples of a warming climate but attributes them to our use of fossil fuel, which they are not, rather than to the real cause, climate change over which we have no control.

We went through all that back in the ’70s when a couple well known professors (scientists) gave us dire predictions of storms and floods, droughts and heatwaves making earth uninhabitable and ending civilization by the end of the century unless we made drastic changes in how we lived and used fossil fuels. Well we didn’t make those changes and the end of the century came and went 20 years ago but we are still here. Their dire predictions were endorsed by many “scientists” and groups that should have known better, including the Royal Swedish Academy of Scientists which awarded one of those scientists their 1990 Crafoord prize. In both cases the scientists preaching disaster failed to realize the co2 produced by man, large as it is, is only a trifle, now estimated at about eight percent) of that produced by all living things in nature. This small amount of co2 that man adds to the atmosphere is so small it cannot affect global warming.

Your correspondent claims her view is that of 98 percent of our scientists but I doubt that. I don’t think we can even define a scientist, let alone those who study global warming. Can a scientist who studies butterflies, for example, tell us whether the warming weather he is observing is caused by the co2 we dumped in the air or by climate change? Climate has been changing since day one.

So let us keep our airplanes, boats and automobiles and not go back to the horse and buggy days to avoid using fossil fuel. After all, horses also eat grass and digest it by producing the greenhouse gasses ch3 and co2 so let us concentrate on using our fossil fuels wisely so they will last until we find something better, and let nature (or God) worry about climate change.




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