Incumbent upon management to provide for needs of all customers

With the onset of the coronavirus comes panic and, unfortunately, sometimes the worst of human behavior. While many courageous and dedicated people, professionals and citizens alike, rise to the occasion and put themselves in harm’s way to help others, some people think only of themselves and show no regard for their fellow citizens.

I am speaking specifically of the hoarding mentality that currently exists in many cities and counties, including Johnstown and other areas of Fulton County. Many essentials for compliance with the nation’s safeguards regarding the spread of the coronavirus, and common decency, are completely unavailable within Johnstown, Gloversville and many other areas which surround our cities.

Cases in point: hand sanitizer and toilet tissue. Why aren’t all the stores which sell these items enforcing a limit per customer system to ensure that all area citizens have access to these important products? Is it greed? Lack of staffing for enforcement of said limits? It is incumbent upon store — or perhaps corporate — management to provide for the needs of all their customers, not merely those who purchase far more than a reasonable fair share with no regard for others.

Not to do so is to be morally bankrupt, and perpetuates the notion that the chain stores in our area are interested only in their bottom line and not the health and safety of the citizens who support them.




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