Banishing horse racing would create an economic disaster

Not too long ago, a newspaper article focused upon the deaths of 30 horses at Santa Anita in six months from December through June preceeding Del Mar’s 2019 summer meeting which was among the safest in the track’s history. Four horses died in training and none during racing.

In the same article, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California) said “racing needed to take a long hard look at it’s future in this country and we need to do it before more horses needlessly die.”

Feinstein also renewed her call for racing to be suspended at Santa Anita’s scheduled to begin Dec. 26.

Feinstein said she would look at “all options” with Gov. Gavin Newsome” to protect race horses and increase transparency at race tracks.”

For those who seek to reform or more so, completely banish the sport, Feinstein’s words were most welcomed and considered a giant step forward toward eventually achieving their ultimate goal.

Strong protective measures implemented to assure the safety, well being and continued proper medical care of every race horse had always been the main priority at all times, of the owners, trainers and those who operate the various race facilities.

Yes, there also are those who, instead put profit first above all else and consider horses merely necessary money makers until the day those capabilities no longer exist and then discard them as they would a worn out useless tool.

Without question, banishing horse racing would create an economic disaster of major proportions.

So once again, it’s time for every devoted supporter of the sport to step forward and speak out because the need is urgent to: “Protect what we already have.”




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