Admin. inhumane on refugees; ineffective on global warming

Currently, we have what people are calling a “refugee crisis” at our southern border. People have been flooding up from Central America fleeing violence, drought and starvation, caused partly by global warming.

Conditions at these refugee camps are abominable, with standing room only at times, toilets are overflowing, privacy is lacking, there are no showers, no clean clothing, little medical care, not enough feminine hygiene products, inedible or not enough food, cold facilities and no beds. This is just a trickle of refugees compared to what we will face as earth grows hotter in the future, and people abandon the Maldives and Marshall Islands as they sink, leave Bangladesh as saltwater flows in, and abandon coastal cities, even in the U.S., to move inland. People will also be fleeing uninhabitable heat and drought, as they have in Syria and Guatemala. Water is life, without it, as drought spreads, people will die. They will also be displaced by flooding and fires. Where will they go? Where will we accommodate them? This is more than a political problem, its a practical one. As our arable land dries up we will need more to feed the population.

This administration has been particularly inhumane concerning refugees, and has shown a negative effect on mitigating global warming. Vote them out in November.




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