Town of Johnstown: 2019 year in review vol. II

In the past four years, the failed policies that have been identified hit target and showed in the election. Elections showed a reduction in votes towards supervisor (655), two councilmen (621, 606), clerk (706), and highway supervisor (737) out of a whole number (885), see the Official Fulton County Election results for further details.

The biggest issue that brought the public out in rage was the emanate domain of Mr. Bowe’s land. I voted against the process and also challenged the board’s actions. The public spoke out and confronted the ones who wished to take Mr. Bowe’s land, build a park, home construction, condos, and retail. The county took full control and invested tax dollars, while the town should have never supported the consideration and proposed alternative options for the town’s future which had faster and easier economic advantages. Even today, we hear on the news that the county is back at it. The agricultural land owners spoke out and it seems to be of best value to concentrate on an “Agricultural Center” that helps the local farming industry, agricultural goods and crafts that can be a joint venture with the college, the public, trades, and training classes in agriculture, as an option.

Aspin Hills Water District is still a null topic, even though the public has identified many issues or forms of mismanagement by the prior administrations. It would be appreciative for the city of Johnstown Water Board to consider the facts that parties were negligent and a flat rate should be negotiated.

The best thing that happened to the town was the Town Hall Upgrade for 2019. The energy savings have really helped the town and the system has basically placed the electrical resources in equilibrium. The solar array has currently produced 13.7 Megawatt hour while the Town Hall has consumed 16.57 MWh since activation. The IT upgrade has made the town a functional network and allowed the employees to share files and work more efficiently upon prints, backing up data, and protection. The furnace upgrade seems to have ironed out the dead zones in the building. We greatly thank Senator Tedesco for the support upon this grant.

Councilman Timothy Rizzo



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