Tedra Cobb’s ambition is to serve residents of our district

To no one’s surprise, on Feb. 5, the Senate chose not to convict Donald Trump. We did learn some things in the process. One is this: how much Elise Stefanik loves Donald Trump. Or pretends to.

When first elected, Elise Stefanik was the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. Her mentor was Paul Ryan. In Ryan’s case, two years of Trump was enough. Ryan later said this about Trump: “He didn’t know anything about government” and those around him had “to stop him from making bad decisions. All the time.”

Here’s something that is obvious about Trump, if you don’t live in an information bubble. When facing the choice between admitting to a truth that makes him look bad and lying, Donald Trump will lie — 100 percent of the time. Another obvious observation: when Trump is criticized, even when that criticism is factual and principled, he will attack the speaker — 100 percent of the time. Latest exhibit: Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman.

Elise Stefanik is a very smart person. She did get the benefits of private schooling and a Harvard education. When Trump won the Republican nomination back in 2016 she issued a statement saying she would support the nominee but refused to utter his name. So how did she move from “I won’t say his name” to “I’m all in for Trump?” Was she won over by his deep understanding on policy issues or by his character? Was she impressed by his major achievement: a big tax break for the rich and large corporations?

Beyond being smart, Stefanik is ambitious, very ambitious. She sees which way the winds are blowing and sees opportunity for herself on a stage that goes far beyond the place we call home. If she has to conceal her private disgust and put on a performance to advance her personal interests, she is up to the task. Following the Trump playbook of lies and attacks? No problem!

Too bad we don’t have a choice to be represented by someone with deep roots in our district, someone who considers decency and respect for people a requirement for public service, someone with common-sense and humane positions on issues like healthcare. Oh wait, we do have that choice in a candidate for Congress. Her name is Tedra Cobb and her sole ambition is to serve the needs and interests of the residents of our district.




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