Global warming is here, and will be getting worse, a lot worse

So you don’t think that global warming is here? The Amazon is on fire, Australia is on fire, California is on fire, and even Alaska burned this summer. Category 4 and 5 hurricanes are more frequent, tornado season lasts much longer, devastating floods have been occurring worldwide, as has their inverse, droughts, in South Africa, California, Syria, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Vector-borne diseases such as Zika Virus, Lyme Disease, Dengue Fever and malaria are moving northward, as are pests such as the ash tree borer.

Locally, several friends have been infected with Lyme Disease, pine trees, especially blue spruce, are dying, invasive species are moving up from the south, and in January, my lawn was not only unfrozen, it was still green underneath the snow. We seem to get a lot more days of “wintry mix,” sleet, snow and rain, than days of pure snow. The last few winters are not the winters that I remember. Heating degree days have been below average, and air conditioning days have been above average for the last several years, which have also been the hottest on record. So, I add my observations to those of the 98 percent of scientists who say global warming is here, and will be getting worse, a lot worse.

What can we do, aside from conserving fossil fuels and foregoing beef? We can vote. The current administration has done nothing but take us backwards as far as global warming and the environment are concerned. Vote them out, and vote in someone who will work to mitigate global warming.




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