Why does a governor travel except in state which he governs?

While the middle class in Upstate New York suffer under fiscal programs that seem to only benefit New York City, our governor has decided to visit Puerto Rico to tour the recent earthquake devastation.

As a taxpayer, I need to ask, why the governor of New York needs to travel anywhere except the state which he governs. Who is paying for this trip, the taxpayers? What does this trip benefit the great state of New York?

Instead of wasting taxpayer resources, why can’t time and energy be spent trimming excessive local school and property taxes. Maybe some thought can be given to productive legislation that equals the playing field between Governor Cuomo’s political base in New York City and Upstate New York.

Governor Cuomo (a.k.a. “Nanny Tony”) needs to spend a little less time poking into the personal business of his constituents (and other country’s problems) and a little more time serving all the people of New York.