Our governor, Mr. Big Bucks: Pay differences in state leaders

I read a story about the pay of the governors for the United States. Wow what a pay difference between the lowest paid governor to the highest paid governor based on 2019 information! ($70,000 — Maine to $201,680 — California) with New York Governor Cuomo making $200,000. According to the story, Mr. Cuomo will get an increase of $25,000 for next year and another $25,000 for 2021 which will make him the highest paid governor.

I think this is where the Thruway fees are going to? (Another story.) What else is being used? Who knows but our legislators.

Google this– “Judge allows pay raises, outside income for New York lawmakers.” This includes Cuomo.

No wonder people are leaving this state as well as others to go to others.

Google this — “three reasons so many people are getting the h*** out of the northeast.”

Doesn’t look good for us.




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