Keep the belief in the reality of Jesus Christ in your life

The following narrative, though old, ancient and very true contains some profound truths on faith. I must write about it because like one of the protagonists in the narrative, we at some points in our lives doubted the reality of Jesus.

To begin with, for several sorrowful frightened apostles, they were huddled in an upper room with the door shut and bolted. The frightened, bereft men thought they too would become the next victims to be put to death as well. Their Lord and master, a Galilean, whom they knew to be dead, was crucified on a cross. Was it true he would rise from the grave? Would the same fate of crucifixion befall them?

Suddenly, the Galilean, Christ Jesus, knowing now no limits to time or space, appeared. He was dead and buried, and now the apostles saw he was alive. The sorrow of the apostles turned to joy.

At another time, Jesus reappeared to doubting Thomas. Thomas would not believe unless he had tangible proof it was Christ Jesus. Thomas touched Jesus. John 20: 26-29. Jesus, after his resurrection, appeared to Thomas resulting in Thomas exclaiming, My Lord and my God!”

So, the profound truths on faith are:

1. Fear is the opposite of faith.

2. Faith dissolves fear.

3. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

4. The just shall live by faith. Faith means “God said it; I believe it; that settles the matter.” Genuine faith means we boldly stand on the promises of God in the Bible. Please read John 16: 16-22.

In summation, Jesus Christ’s enemies, the Sanhedrin did not have the final say in the life of Jesus Christ who confounded his enemies and so Jesus exclaimed, “Peace be unto you!” to the apostles and he says the same to you and me.

John Sirtoli was a student at Messiah College, Grantham, Pa.