Johnstown Retired Teachers committed to the community

I read with interest “GJSD staff stays active in community” (Jan. 13 issue). I wholeheartedly commend the dedication of these Johnstown teachers beyond the classroom. I appreciated that the Leader-Herald highlighted their contributions.

I would like to call your readers’ attention to the efforts of the Johnstown Retired Teachers Association, an affiliate of the JTA, in serving the community.

Our retired teachers are nearing their goal of raising $50,000 toward funding the William A. Wright Scholarship. The scholarship, established by Johnstown teachers in 1955, has helped well over 100 Johnstown students pursue their college education.

Recognizing the importance of literacy at the elementary level, our members have established a “Reading Angels” program, which funds books for pre-K, kindergarten, and first grade students at Pleasant Avenue School. Some of these teachers visit classrooms to read aloud to these children – sometimes in costume.

For many years, JRTA has donated baskets for the Johnstown Public Library’s annual fundraiser. This year’s contribution will highlight life in Fulton County.

You’ll find JRTA members volunteering at Johnstown’s Sunflower Shop, the NOAH food-for-the-needy program, the Wells House – and a host of other community and church organizations. Several of our members have served on the Johnstown Board of Education. A few of us have served in public office. One of our retirees founded the Johnstown School District Museum, and there are a number of retired teachers currently serving on the board.

Our retired members, like our colleagues in the JTA, are equally committed to the community in which we live and work.


Secretary-treasurer, JRTA