Act of kindness a welcome ray of hope for mankind

It was a normal Sunday on Dec. 29, early afternoon in Hannaford, an impending ice storm for the next day or so, where I was astonished and overwhelmed to tears when a young lady and her husband in line ahead of me surprisingly paid for my groceries.

I had gone to the 14 items or less line in my ride on cart, where the lady was ahead of me, apologizing for having too many items and asking me if I would like to go ahead of her. I assured her that it was alright. That I was not in that much of a hurry. After losing my son this year things, such as that were very unimportant. She, I thought had paid for her groceries, when the clerk started scanning mine with the hand held scanner. I stated “that is one way to do it.” Now, when I think about it that was odd. But at the time it didn’t realize it to be strange. As I was awaiting the amount to write my check, much to my surprise, the clerk said to me “she paid for yours. I was so taken back that I started to cry when the lady came to me giving me a hug telling me her first name which I was so shocked that I can’t even now remember saying “I have three children, I can’t imagine.” I said “thank you” still not able to compose myself with disbelief.

With that the couple left the store and I cried all the way home.

Well, it is the next day and I want to say if that lady is reading this now, God bless and thank you ever so much. You have somewhat renewed my faith, believing that there are still some very caring people in this troubled world. With what we hear about murder, rape, theft, etc. this story is a welcome ray of hope for mankind. God bless your family.



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