‘Tis the season for giving: One act can cause a chain reaction

‘Tis the season for giving. Challenge yourself. My mom taught me to give all you can, and then give a little more. Don’t give with hopes of praise or desire for reward. Don’t even give with the expectation of a “Thank You.” Just give from the heart. Give of yourself and your time, as well as your resources, as you are able. Love, smiles, hugs, gestures of good faith, and words of kindness, are all free to give.

There is a lot of hurt in this community as there is in the world. A little empathy can go a long way. Stop believing that wealth is the cure all. Stop believing that everyone needs to fit some cookie cutter image of the world’s ideal person. Let others be who they are. Be who you truly are. Turn your backs against racism, cruelty, and hatred. Embrace love and freedom. Life is all about choices, so choose wisely. Leave a legacy to be proud of.

One act, can cause a chain reaction, that can change lives. Make your life and your actions matter this season and every season to come. May you all have a merry Christmas and blessed New Year’s.




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