The future of our children’s health depends on our planet

Last month, I wrote about consumerism, and how our penchant for buying things, even things we don’t necessarily need, helps to drive the Chinese economy, thus leading to China’s use of fossil fuels, coal in particular, with the resulting production of massive amounts of fossil fuel emissions.

Now, I’d like to mention where we shop. It seems that Amazon.com is doing a brisk business these days. But think-this involves a great deal of packaging for each item purchased, all of which ends up in landfills, and a lot of transportation to each person who bought something. So all those UPS trucks are on the road emitting CO2. Try shopping locally, especially at locally owned businesses, not national chains. This cuts down on packaging and emissions. Shop only for what you need. Try shopping for lightly used goods instead of new. And buy long-lasting products, not disposable plastic items. There is an area in the Pacific the size of Texas that is a floating island of garbage, much of it plastic, which marine animals mistake for food. Later, they are unable to ingest real food, so they starve to death.

This planet is our home, and the future of our children depends upon its health. So please, conserve fossil fuels, shop wisely, eat less methane-producing beef, and avoid drive-throughs.




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