Pelosi pulled the trigger on the collective gun to Dems’

Trump is impeached!

And when Speaker Pelosi announced the results of the voting, she bit her lip to hide her smile, — and when she raised a stern finger cautioning her Democrat children to stifle their applause because the appearance of gloating was unseemly, the House melodrama was at long last at an end.

In fact, the only thing that was missing from this scene was Porky Pig, looming over Pelosi’s left shoulder and intoning “That’s all folks!”

Or is it?

I suspect that the Democrats have only put a gun to their collective head over the past few months, what with their foolish proceedings. And Wednesday, Speaker Pelosi — in her moment of victory — pulled the trigger. Come November 2020, we may very well hear the Swan Song of the Democrat party sung.

Requiescat in pace.




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