Halloween a go due to collective efforts of parents and guardians

I recently had the privilege of working with many parents who put on a sixth grade Halloween dance for Mayfield sixth graders. The school and the PTA, for reasons that are not relevant to this post, made a decision to cancel the dance from the school function schedule.

To avoid the kids missing their last Halloween dance while at their elementary school, a group of concerned adults organized a Halloween dance. I had the privilege of participating with dozens of hard working and caring parents who put this dance on for their children. In my opinion the event was unequaled for many reasons but mostly due to the collective efforts of the parents and guardians. The children had an amazing time; there was plenty of food, treats, activities and door prizes. The event was chaperoned well and the effort of the adults involved showed a tremendous outpouring of support for the children.

It was a beacon of light at a time when it is easy to question the longevity of our current society and the direction of our youth. Children learn what they live and this group of children are fortunate to witness the collective efforts of their parents and guardians working in common with others for a beneficial and appropriate event. I am pleased to be aware of similar efforts in other schools and organizations in our area. I hope and pray the readers of this editorial will be motivated to volunteer some of their precious time to a cause they deem worthy, especially activities that concern children. After all, we are delivering our youth into a world that is complicated and cruel at times and it is our obligation to guide them via our own conduct.