Caroga trying to pass short-term rental law

This is a call to action to all Caroga property owners. The town board is trying to pass a weekly rental proposal that is an invasion of your rights as an owner in the name of “Health and Safety.” If you read the proposal it will make you question if you are even in the land of the “free.” We, as tax paying citizens, should have the right to do with our property what we will, we have the right to hold onto our already marginal profits without being tapped into yet again by the government.

The board is saying that there is no ordinance allowing for weekly rentals, that the weekly rental activity is illegal, which is interesting considering that there has been no problem with collecting the 4 percent bed tax. Now, in addition to the bed tax, we will have to swallow permit fees, a code officer going through your home, being told how many people can be on your property, how many cars you can have and if you do not comply, they can get a search warrant to come into your home (reference 3(b) in the proposal.) We as a people need to take a stand for our rights. We pay enough taxes as it is and what are we getting? We have no public water, no public sewer, etc.

Property owners know that letting someone onto your property opens you up to the possibility that if something goes wrong on your property you could be held liable and sued. The average person does not want a claim put in against them and will take precautions to prevent this from happening. Insurance companies do not want a claim against them either and require safety standards be implemented in order for you to have insurance, if you do not meet these requirements the insurance will be canceled. It is on you as a homeowner to take responsibility for your property, not the town. This is a gross overstep of power by our local government.

Anyone who has used Airbnb knows that if you do not have a house that is rented in good condition, you will not get a good review by people who have stayed there and you will not have people renting from you in the future if you have bad reviews.

If it weren’t for the opening of weekly renters in the homes of Caroga, we would have no where for tourists to stay, which means that they won’t be coming up to vacation, that means no spending money in our local restaurants and shops, which have a hard enough time trying to survive as it is.

In conclusion, we ask that you look up the proposal for yourselves http://townofcaroga.com/agendas/index.htm click 2019-12-11 Monthly meeting, public hearing on Short Term Rental Ordinance, we ask that you get involved, to come to the town meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 11 at 7 p.m. and show your support. It starts with weekly rentals and it could end with the average homeowner being forced to comply with the same rules. Be informed, be aware and be active. Thank you for taking the time to read this.