Backpack program an excellent way to help feed hungry families

It’s the season of giving and this year I decided to keep my money local. Did you know that there are hungry children right here in our area? I saw plenty of it when I was a school nurse and it was heartbreaking.

Luckily, I heard about a program right here in Gloversville that works to help hungry kids on the weekends when they have no access to school breakfast and lunch. This program supplies 50 needy families with a backpack full of food each Friday. The backpack is given to each child discreetly, and the recipients are chosen by the teachers as they’re most able to assess the childrens’ needs.

What a wonderful program. For very little money, quite a lot of high protein non-perishable food items can be purchased. Some ideas are tuna, canned chicken, mayo, ravioli, chili, pudding cups, vegetables and fruits, pasta and sauce, cereal, etc. Milk cards are also greatly appreciated.

If you’re looking for an excellent way to donate, the director of the backpack program is Stephanie Cook. She can be reached at scook@gesdk12.org. Stephanie will make arrangements to meet with donors and it’s such a good feeling when you walk away knowing there will be a few less hungry families this week.




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