Why no Johnstown-Gloversville football game this year?

No Johnstown-Gloversville football game this year. How come? Both teams finished the regular season with 1-6 records. It would have been a really good football game. Both teams were the same in talent. Plus Johnstown could of had a really nice fundraiser at the game and put it towards their athletic program.

The past four years, all four games were good football games with Johnstown winning two and Gloversville winning two. How come the game wasn’t put on the schedule? Week three, you had Gloversville, who is Class A, play Glens Falls, who is Class B. Week six, you had Johnstown, who is Class B, play Fonda, who is Class C. Week seven, Johnstown plays Canajoharie, who is Class C. Both teams did not make the playoffs. You had weeks eight and nine both teams could of played each other in a crossover game. The section two committee needs to respect the Johnstown-Gloversville football rivalry. There is no reason why the game was not put on the schedule. The game should be scheduled week seven every year.

There is a lot of heritage and history in the Johnstown-Gloversville Football game. The game goes all the way back to 1907. It used to be the best rivalry in New York state. Let’s bring back the game the way it used to be with pep rallies and beautiful pageantry. What a shame that this is what has become of the Johnstown-Gloversville football game. Let’s bring the game back the way it should be. Is there anyone out there who agrees with me about this?

Former JHS football player, 1977-78.




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