Vote ‘yes’ to allow CAC to purchase the Sherman property

Though we are not residents of the town of Caroga, we are residents of Fulton County and believe that what is good for Caroga is good for Fulton County.

Over the last four years, we have attended the many different concerts that the Caroga Arts Collective has offered. We have spent more time in Caroga during these few years than we have in the many years prior.

We have eaten dinners, attended concerts and even rented a vacation house for a week to take advantage of the music offerings by CAC. Previously, we would go to Saratoga for the live music offerings at SPAC, but the time and money we used to spend in Saratoga we are now spending in Caroga and Fulton County.

If CAC is allowed to purchase Sherman’s, ownership will open up grant opportunities that would not be available if CAC was only leasing property. Ownership will allow CAC to expand and further develop their plans for the future. As CAC grows, other investments in the area will be made such as restaurants and more seasonal rental properties, encouraging other events and activities. This will further promote tourism and growth in our area bringing in more revenue, jobs and tax dollars.

We hope the residents of the town of Caroga will vote “yes” to allow CAC to purchase the Sherman property.




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