Vote for Brenda Leitt for Gloversville’s future

My name is Rev. Richard Wilkinson, senior pastor of the Gloversville Free Methodist Church and director of the Center of Hope at 33 Bleecker St. in Gloversville. I want to express my endorsement of Brenda Leitt for the 4th Ward City Council Woman in Gloversville.

I have had the privilege to serve with Brenda for the last two years on the board of the Free Methodist Church. Brenda has always been an invaluable member of our board. She currently serves as the board secretary and assistant treasurer.

Brenda is always a strong voice on the board, and when she knows something to be important she is always willing to work towards it, whether it is something in the best interest of the church or the town, I have never known Brenda to shy away from a challenge or hard work.

In the time I have known Brenda, I have come to understand her love for this city. She was born and raised here, and I can see the passion she has for it. She formerly served on the cities historical commission, and she is my best resource when I have questions on the history of this beautiful city.

The history of Gloversville is not her only passion; she also has a deep love for the city and wants to work for a brighter future in our city. On our church board, she is instrumental in the establishment and overseeing of our programs that benefit this community, including our food pantry and our missions program, which brings teams of people into the city to do projects throughout the city.

I am confident that if re-elected Brenda will continue to work hard to improve our beautiful city.





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