This election cycle for Gloversville is critical

This election cycle for Gloversville is critical. Voters need only look at their tax bills and consider exactly what they receive for the payment. Yes, we have fire and police protection as well as snow removal and garbage collection to name some of where our taxes are spent, but our streets are in deplorable condition and we are told how the infrastructure is deteriorating. What we hear is that the downtown and some areas in the southern part of the city will be rehabbed when/if grant money is forthcoming. What about the rest of the city? I realize the Downtown Revitalization Initiative is limited in scope, as is the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program which would focus on the Cayadutta creek areas, but these should not be the only parts of the city that the current administration is focusing on.

Electing Ellen Anadio to the Common Council from Ward 4 and William Rowback, Jr. to the Councilman-at-Large position will insure all residents that the focus will shift and while the downtown will be included, so will there be ways sought to effect many of the changes that need to be made to the city as a whole to attract businesses and new residents. These two candidates represent the beliefs and principles of the Republican Party.

These two true, dedicated Republicans will work to lower taxes; find other revenue sources for much needed projects; will not consider Gloversville becoming a sanctuary city; and will not promote their personal agendas but will work for all residents. Going back to sanctuary city, I personally know two residents who each received a letter from an official in Washington, DC that included a list of possible sanctuary cities and Gloversville appears on the list.

When you go to vote, please vote Row B All the Way:

Rebecca A. Slezak, Supreme Court

Dianne N. Freestone, Supreme Court

James E. Walsh, Supreme Court

Michael C. Cuevas, Supreme Court

Richard C. Giardino, Fulton County Sheriff

Margaret E. Luck, Fulton County Coroner

William A. Rowback, Jr., Gloversville, Councilman-at-Large

Stephen F. Mauro, Gloversville Water Board

Gary J. Antonucci, Gloversville Water Board

Arthur J. Simonds, Gloversville Councilman Ward 2

John H. Blackmon, Gloversville Supervisor, Ward 3

Charles C. Potter, Gloversville Supervisor, Ward 4

Ellen L. Anadio, Gloversville Councilman, Ward 4

Warren S. Greene, Supervisor, Ward 6

Wrandy L. Siarkowski, Councilman, Ward 6


Chair of the Gloversville Republican Committee



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