The real hero for Gloversville is Dale Henry McGrath

The real hero for Gloversville, New York is Dale Henry McGrath, who appeared on the ballot in New York state as Hank McGrath with whom I voted for pride not knowing whether he was going to win or lose only to find out that he lost to [Vincent] DeSantis. But why?

Hank had two public events and at least 12 to 100 rallies, and campaigned extremely hard to earn the votes he got. But he didn’t win and that’s the thing about heroes, they don’t often win now do they? Especially when you consider the fact that all of the local media outlets, including newspaper companies and local TV news outlets to online publications had at least 100 articles or more regarding DeSantis, and all he had to do was sit there and do nothing and he won thanks to the media blackout that existed in Gloversville and Fulton County. The media has an obligation to serve the people, but they don’t; they just line their pockets and serve their own interests. These are the same outlets that tell us don’t vote for the Libertarian party because if you vote for the Libertarian party, you’ll [divide] the votes from the Republicans and the Democrats will win. Well ain’t that something? Consider this, there was no Republican in the race for mayor for Gloversville so what happens? DeSantis becomes the overall favorite but never mind that he’s a Democrat and a liberal who has done nothing for Gloversville. DeSantis may have won with 1,400 votes with Hank McGrath receiving only 320 votes, but unlike the 1,400 voters who are going to regret their decision at some point for voting for DeSantis, at least we Libertarian voters who voted for Hank are proud. We are proud that we got the word out and that we voted for Hank. And I don’t care what anyone says because Hank is a hero in my book, because it takes real guts to go up against a well established machine like DeSantis who won by a landslide due to voters being misinformed on who was on the ballot, because of the media blackout. It also takes courage and strength to run a good campaign. And lots of true love for wanting to help the people of Gloversville, and those are qualities only Hank has.




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