Thank you to Friends of the Gloversville Library

Each year a week in October is set aside nationally to highlight and celebrate the hard work and dedicated volunteers that make up friends of libraries groups. During this special week of celebration, the staff of the Gloversville Public Library would like to thank the Friends our library for decades of unending support.

Friends members volunteer their time to provide preschool story times, lend assistance at library programs, beautify the Library, place books in the hands of community members through their Box of Books and homebound services programs, advocate for the library throughout our county, and support the library financially by underwriting key services and special projects. Their fundraising efforts over the last 15 years alone have raised over $250,000 for programs, services, purchases for the collection and the recent building renovation.

We could not provide top notch service to the community without their help. And their friendly smiles and words of encouragement are as important to us as the funds they raise.

Dear Friends, from all of us (staff) at the library, we thank you.


Gloversville Public Library



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