Saturday afternoon, two women became my guardian angels

On a Saturday afternoon in November at Price Chopper in Johnstown, two women became my guardian angels. When they noticed a problem with my Jeep, they took exceptional steps to make sure I was safe. They had my license number announced in the store and then waited for me. While waiting for me, they investigated and found out it was a broken sway bar on my Jeep which would affect how the vehicle would turn.

As it was only a few miles to my house, I decided if I went slow, I could drive home. They suggested I put on my flashers and they would follow me home. I was overwhelmed how much effort and time they devoted to a stranger. Thank you seems inadequate for all the kindness shown to me on that day. My hope is this letter will be seen by them and they will know how much I appreciate their help and gratitude for making me aware of the dangerous situation.




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