Recognizing Toying Around for Lego walk for NOAH

As both a lifelong resident of Johnstown and avid nerd, I wanted to write a letter of thanks to Toying Around, a wonderful business on Main Street in Johnstown, for putting on yet another successful event. On Nov. 16 they hosted a Lego walk for Neighbors Organized Against Hunger (NOAH).

The participants paid a $1 donation in order to walk across a floor strewn with Legos for the worthy cause of raising money for the NOAH food pantry. The pain and price was well worth it. Toying Around and its owner, Mr. Vincent McCallum, deserve praise for the amount of time, effort, and money he puts into these events. Businesses like Toying Around and the many dedicated businesspeople, like Mr. McCallum, that make up our Main Street are the reason the city of Johnstown is such a great place to live.

As Stan Lee used to say, Excelsior or Ever Upwards.




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