President works for his wealth; not for the safety of our nation

As a scholar of history, I am very concerned about the dissolution of our constitutional democracy by a president who works for his wealth; not for the safety of our nation.

FYI, the House must research facts in order to create articles of impeachment. That is what the current hearings are about. Only then can these articles be voted on by the House and sent on to the Senate for trial. That is when Trump lawyers can call witnesses to disprove accusations that Trump insists are untrue.

He is already giving his side by smearing the reputation of Ambassador Yavanovitch in an effort to disqualify her testimony. Trump voters: What is he afraid of? If he were not guilty, would he have to block his associates from testifying?

Fox News must stop the effort to say our poor president is being mistreated by these hearings and can’t give his side of the story. In fact he is already giving his side on Twitter and his TV news performances.

Matt Stieb in the New York Intelligencer wrote that: Fox commentator Laura Ingraham stated “Attempted Bribery Isn’t in the Constitution.” Stieb claims, “It’s still illegal.”

Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance states “You see, the federal bribery statute, 18 USC 201, defines bribery to include attempted bribery. It’s enough to ‘seek’ a bribe — you don’t actually have to pull your illegal scheme off.”

I would love to know how my fellow citizens justify supporting this corrupt man. He is giving our nation to Putin whom he emulates. He wants to rule us the way his communist buddy runs his nation. Is that what you want?

Are you too young to remember the Cold War when, as children, we had to hide under school desks in case of a nuclear bomb from the USSR? Are you old enough to watch the facts (not fake news) unfold. Are you educated enough to refuse to tolerate Trump giving our national control to the Russians?




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