If the Democrats got the perfection they demand

Oh, the liberals are so, so delicate — and demanding. Their latest quibble with the president is that he spoke harshly of the murderer al-Baghdadi. Trump called the murderer a dog and used other unflattering descriptions of the man. Are the liberals (mainly Democrats) naive? Or do they think, as the Washington Post apparently did, that al-Baghdadi was a highly spiritual cleric — ridiculous — only if you consider rape, torture, and murder to be the stuff of saints would you so characterize al-Baghdadi.

War is hell — don’t you know? Do the liberals really believe that we Americans spoke admiringly of the Japanese and Germans during WW II? Of course we didn’t. When two nations make war, they invariably demonize their opponents. And that includes name-calling. Does that surprise you? There is no need to remember today what we called the Japanese, the Germans, the North Koreans or the North Vietnamese during each of those conflicts. It was harsh. And by the way, so are the insults hurled at the president on a daily basis by the Democrats and their allies.

As usual the Dems demand utter perfection from Trump. But if they got it, they wouldn’t recognize it.




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