How do you come to agreement with a totalitarian party

When Representative Elise Stefanik was in Johnstown, recently, she was questioned about healthcare but had no viable answers. She voted to eliminate the Affordable Care Act without a replacement in place stating that any replacement had to be a bipartisan agreement.

For whatever reason, Ms. Stefanik is denying the Republican’s efforts in the creation of the ACA. The ideas for the ACA came from a Republican think tank, the American Heritage Corporation. It was in response to the Clinton’s effort to institute universal healthcare. This was back in a time when the Republican Party was a center-right party that actually employed social scientists and researchers to devise market driven solutions to longstanding social problems. Middleclass families were going bankrupt at alarming rates. A Harvard study revealed that 51 percent of the bankruptcies in the country were for medical reasons. Of these 75 percent were insured. The Republican plan was a way to preserve the insurance industry and cover all Americans with real coverage. It was instituted in Massachusetts by Republican Governor Mitt Romney and worked well. When President Obama approached the issue nationally, he appointed a committee of six Republican and six Democratic senators to get input from all the players involved in healthcare and came up with a plan. That plan became known as the ACA. But by then the Republican Party had shifted from a center-right party to a radicalized totalitarian party whose sole purpose was to obstruct everything the opposition party put forward; every judicial appointment, every administrative appointment and every social plan. They wanted the new president to fail regardless of the social cost. This has been their modus operandi since the mid-90s. From the obstruction of men like Newt Gingrich and Mitch McConnell, to the character assassination tactics of Karl Rove, to the suppression of the vote count in Florida in the presidential election of 2000. The Republicans goal has been dominance. They have no plans for infrastructure, healthcare or immigration reform. This is what happens when you mix politics with religion which is what the Republicans have been doing for decades. They want to save us from ourselves. The Affordable Care Act was the compromise, Ms. Stefanik, and that’s why the Republicans have no solutions to replace it. It was their own plan. So, the question becomes how do you come to a bipartisan agreement with a totalitarian party which refuses to compromise?




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