Full S.T.E.A.M. ahead for Nov. 5

I am running for election as Councilman-at-Large in Gloversville. My goals when elected to this position are to reduce taxes, bring in businesses which will generate revenue and jobs, repair the streets, and work on the city’s infrastructure. We also need more checks and balances, so money is not spent needlessly.

As a life-long resident I have volunteered in many ways to promote the city. The most significant being that I brought the Firefighters Combat Challenge four years in a row which brought to the city hundreds of competitors from around the world, plus thousands of spectators who spent money in Gloversville.

Having worked for the Gloversville Fire Department for nearly 30 years I have a wealth of knowledge about the city. When the department started doing blight inspections the former City Judge gave out conditional discharges rather than fines. When elected, I promise to work with the administration to seek out multiple avenues of remediating the blight.

I love our community and believe we can work together to make Gloversville the city it should be. I haven’t given up on you, and don’t you give up on me. On election day vote Row B all the way across, or you can find me on Row J.

Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead the motto of the Gloversville Republican candidates.

∫ S…Streets –Fix the Streets

∫ T…Taxation –Need to Lower Taxes

∫E…Employment — Team up with employees to work together, encourage businesses to come to Gloversville

∫ A…Application –Of common-sense principles for the whole city, and not limited to a special interest

∫ M…Maintaining –Checks and balances so money is not being spent


Republican and Independent Candidate for Councilman-at-Large