Annual Thanksgiving meal canceled for lack of coordinator

For many years, a Thanksgiving meal has been provided to our two communities at the Church of the Holy Spirit on South Main Street in Gloversville by the Twin Cities Council of Churches and its many volunteers.

Unfortunately, this year we were unable to find someone to coordinate the meal. The meal can not go on without someone to be in charge of the kitchen. It is a great responsibility as we serve over 1200 meals each year.

A lot of planning is involved in this position, not only being responsible for getting the turkeys, all the sides and the pies, but overseeing the kitchen help and overseeing the drivers who make deliveries.

Our sincere apologies to our communities. We realize it will be a disappointment to many. It is our hope that someone will step forward to oversee the kitchen for Thanksgiving 2020.

Yours in Christ.

JOYCE A. ASHE, vice president

Twin Cities Council of Churches of Gloversville and Johnstown



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