A letter to the person who abandoned chihuahua on road

I would like to thank whomever it was that dumped “Buddy” the chihuahua on the side of Route 67 in the cage on Monday, Nov. 3.

My wife was coming home from a doctor’s appointment at St. Mary’s Hospital and spotted the cage and the garbage bag and decided to investigate. Fortunately she did.

What kind of person leaves a lovable dog in a cage on the side of the road?

Whomever you are, I wish you could have been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law but that’s not going to happen.

What is going to happen is that “Buddy” is now in a good home with two other chihuahuas and will never be abandoned again for any reason.

Hopefully if you have any other animals you don’t want and need to abandon, you will take the proper steps to see that they are adopted by a loving family, instead of being callously dumped like garbage on the roadside.




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